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Definition, Vision and Mission

Insider threat involves the exploitation of privileged access by an employee to an organization's sensitive and mission critical assets, including its personnel, causing negative impact.

Insider risk management involves a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to the enhancement of detection and response controls to proactively mitigate a threat.

Founded in 2022, the Canadian Insider Risk Management Centre of Excellence (C-InRM CoE) is a not-for-profit entity that fosters academic, private, and public partnerships to generate academic research, provide training and learning opportunities, promote knowledge sharing, and augment resources and capabilities in the professional market to mitigate insider threats to Canadian organizations and critical infrastructure.

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The C-InRM CoE fosters an interdisciplinary approach to insider risk management towards the promotion of industry best practices and innovation within an evolving threat environment.  Funded by industry sponsorships, federal research grants, academic scholarships, and other contractual arrangements, our products and services include research and analysis, facilitating workshops with subject matter experts, and generating lessons learned, built on a foundation of information sharing among a trusted community of security, intelligence, and defence professionals.

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