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The Team

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Victor Munro

Executive Director

Sessional Lecturer, Carleton University, Insider Risk, Threat, and Mitigation

Lead Researcher, C-InRM CoE, Insider Threat Monitoring Theory

Lead, C-InRM CoE, Centralized Insider Threat Dataset (CITD)

Insider threat typology - An analysis of motivational and behavioural attributes related to the violent extremist insider threat type (in process of peer review for academic journal publication)

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Unfortunately, when a compromise occurs, it could become front page news and it can damage the reputation of the affected organization

Canadian Security (Winter 2021)

Brian Thompson

Chief Learning Officer

Instructor, C-InRM CoE, Practical Certificate in Insider Risk Management - Foundations for Screening and Risk Factors

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Denis Desnoyers

Associate Instructor

Instructor, C-InRM CoE, Practical Certificate in Insider Risk Management - Investigations

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Investigators also consider “environmental factors” of the institution in question

Breach of trust is a big piece...That and fraud

Now somebody’s shined a light on what’s going on, and what was acceptable (in) that culture, all this lack of training, lack of moral standards, records – now it’s all sort of imploding

Global News (November 2015)

Emanuel Lukawiecki

Program Coordinator

Project Support, C-InRM CoE, Centralized Insider Threat Dataset (CITD)

Lead Coordinator, C-InRM CoE, Canadian Insider Threat Awareness Month (CITAM)

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Individuals who have contributed original Canadian research on insider risk management

Occasional Contributors

Interdisciplinary Views Informing on Insider Risk Management

Individuals providing points-of-view (POV) on the management of insider threats*

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Steering Committee

Provides a governance structure within Carleton University, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, and strategic guidance informed by academia and the industry at large.

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