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A Canadian reference repository to learn about insider risk management, insider threats, and counter-intelligence related information

C-InRM CoE Research

Canadian Insider Threat Dataset

(2023) - White Paper

"The pull to do nothing would be strong": Limitations & Opportunities in Reporting Insider Threats

(2023) *In peer review with academic journal

Malicious vs. Unintentional Insider Threat Controls

(December 2022) - Final Executive Report

Insider Risk Mitigation Technology Study

(December 2022) - Final Executive Report

Insider threat typology - An analysis of motivational and behavioural attributes related to the violent extremist insider threat type

(2022) *In peer review with academic journal


Carleton University, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs - INAF 5254 - Capstone in National Security Policy

Insider Risk for Canadian Financial Institutions

(April 2021) - Final Report

(April 2021) - Final Presentation

Cyber Threat Intelligence in Canada

(May 2023) - Final Report

(May 2023) - Final Presentation

Behavioural Indicators of Insider Threat

(2023) - Final Report



Shattered Illusions - KGB Cold War Espionage in Canada 

(for purchase) - Donald G. Mahar 

James Douglas Finley Morrison - Learn about a Canadian insider threat case


Five Eyes Insider Risk Practitioner Alliance (FIRPA) Publications

Pull to do nothing
White Paper
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